FAQ 1 – Loft Storage Stilts
OVER 2 MILLION SOLD | Call 0121 274 3989 For Help | ORDER By 2:30pm for NEXT DAY TRACKED FREE Delivery on all orders
OVER 2 MILLION SOLD | Call 0121 274 3989 For Help | ORDER By 2:30pm for NEXT DAY TRACKED FREE Delivery on all orders
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What Is the Delivery Cost?

FREE NEXT DAY TRACKED DELIVERY in the UK and Ireland on all orders, excluding Trade Pallets. Free tracked delivery for Trade Pallets within 48-72 hours.


How Tall are the Loft Storage Stilts?

270mm. Loft Storage Stilts provide the Government recommended height for loft insulation.

How much Weight can Loft Storage Stilts take?

They can take 1 tonne of load. The government recommended long term weight per m² is 25kg for for loft storage.

Will Loft Storage Stilts allow me to create a platform above the Recommended Government Insulation Height of 270mm?

Yes. Loft Storage Stilts will allow you to create a quick and easy raised platform that conforms to the government recommendation of 270mm.

Are Loft Stilts Made In The UK?

Yes. They are made in a a factory in the West Midlands, UK.

Are Loft Stilts Recycled?

Yes. We use recycled polypropylene to make our Award Winning stilts. Our stilts won the award for Best Recycled Product at the Plastic Industry Awards 2016 in collaboration with Counterplas Ltd. Learn More.

Is My Loft Suitable for Loft Storage Stilts?

Loft Storage Stilts are suitable for almost every loft in the UK, both new and old. This includes truss-roofed, purlin and cut lofts. It can be fitted in both homes and commercial buildings.

Can I Fit Them By Myself?

Yes. Loft Storage Stilts have been designed to be easy to fit. The patented design makes it super easy to create the storage platform in the loft.

There is quick video at the bottom of the 'Home' page that shows just how easy it is to fit them.

Should My Loft be Cleared Before Installing Loft Storage Stilts?

You do not have to go through the trouble of clearing out your loft before fitting. It is built one square metre at a time, so you can build part of your deck, and then move your possessions onto it in order to build the other part.

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