How Many Do I Need? 1 – Loft Storage Stilts
OVER 2 MILLION SOLD | Call 0121 274 3989 For Help | ORDER By 2:30pm for NEXT DAY TRACKED FREE Delivery on all orders
OVER 2 MILLION SOLD | Call 0121 274 3989 For Help | ORDER By 2:30pm for NEXT DAY TRACKED FREE Delivery on all orders
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How many Loft Storage Stilts you need depends on a number of factors:

  • 1. The size of the loft storage platform you want to create
  • 2. The type of the loft boards you use
  • 3. The distance between your loft joists


This will depend on how many things you have to store, remember building regulations recommend only 25kg of storage for every m² of the loft storage platform.

The larger your loft the bigger the area you can board.


There are two main types of loft boards :-

  • A. Loft boards sold in a pack of 3
  • These are most common used they are 1.2m * 300m * 18mm in size and are easier to handle and actually carry into the loft through the loft hatch, especially if you have a small loft hatch. The Table below uses these loft Boards. These are also sometimes called chipboard sheets or loft chipboard sheets.
  • B. Flooring grade loft boards (which are 22mm plus in thickness sold in single sheets)
  • These are much longer 2.4m * 300mm * 22mm thick. These are only usually used by the trade, because of the size and weight of these it is very difficult to actually get them into the loft through the loft hatch and are only really used by professional loft boarding companies.


  • Most lofts in the UK and Ireland are either 400mm spacing or 600mm spacing. The Loft Storage Stilts will work for both. For the very small number of lofts with different spacing Loft Storage Stilts will still work but you will need different amounts not in our tables below.
Loft Storage Stilt Pack Size Joist Spacing 600mm Joist Spacing 400mm

32 Starter Pack



64 Terraced / Semi

*Best Seller



96 Terraced / Semi



128 large Semi / Detached

*2nd Best Seller



256 Boarding Whole Loft



480 Trade Pack

Trade Pack

Trade Pack


How Do I Install?

Follow our 3 quick & easy steps to installing your Loft Storage Stilts.

For enquiries please email us at, or go to our Contact Us page.

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